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July 4, 2023


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From the Desk of Secretary….

Secretary Desk….

Greetings from IMA Mumbai West. Thomas Alva Edison famously said: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

At IMA Mumbai West, a lot of hard work  is put in by our various  committee members to bring  to you myriad  activities that seem so effortless after the act.

The fruition of such an effort  is the physical issue  of ‘Medical Image’ that you now hold in your hands.

I remember  reading  issues of ‘Medical Image’ that were posted to my father in his clinic since before I became a doctor.  After becoming  a doctor and member of IMA Mumbai West,  I have perused Image very regularly.  Then we switched over to the e version, in keeping with the times. But it’s nice to go retro sometimes. Conceptualized by Dr Rashmikant  Sanghvi  and ably supported by MOC (Mumbai Oncocare Centre), we bring you a special issue this month  on account  of it being the month of Doctors’ day. I accord a warm welcome to Dr Ashish Joshi as guest editor. He and his team have put forth the latest useful information in the world of Oncology  to improve  your knowledge  in this field.

Friends, we have had excellent academics in  the month gone by.  We have done the allergy  algorithm  program  for IMA HQ, comprehensive single theme CME programs  as well as ‘Clinic on stage’ enactments. A variety  of CME programs are lined up for July as well. Starting  with the next in the series  of Gen next programs  on 2nd July, curated  by Dr Bal Inamdar.

Free Mammography Van was organized by Women Doctors Wing Chairperson  Dr Bhavna Patel and was met with overwhelming response.  On occasion  of International  Yoga Day,  Cultural Sub Committee Chairperson Dr Rohini Badwe arranged a Yoga  program  with  renowned  teachers and demonstrators.

We had a successful  Pneumococcal Vaccination  program  spearheaded by Members’ Welfare sub committee Chairperson Dr Shalin Soni. Madam President,  Dr Shobha Ahuja has been the inspiration  and guiding  force behind  all of us. Building  repair / renovation  work  is going on in full swing. We are looking  forward  to Doctors’ day celebrations  on the 2nd of July. We will be felicitating some eminent personalities who have contributed  to the field of medicine. IMA HQ relaunched the  Aao Gaon Chalen project on 25th  June. We reaffirmed  our commitment on that day to continue  with this noble work that our branch has started in 2012. Our next camp is scheduled  for  9th  July and we are preparing for it.

Many more programs  are planned for the weeks ahead. Tom Hanks famously said as  Forrest Gump  in 1994″ Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. So dear members, you can look forward  to a variety  of programs  and activities that  will be most gratifying.

Best wishes and read on.

Jai Hind!

Long live IMA!    


           Hon. Secretary


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