Mar 01 2017

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Hon. Secretary’s Desk…


Dear Friends,

My tenure as secretary of this branch of IMA has come to an end. I must say it was an exhaustive year in terms of activities. The size of the Annual Report will give you an idea. To carry out so many activities round the year requires funds & for this I must thank well wishers like Dr. Akil Contractor, Dr. Jayesh Lele, Dr. Rashmikant Sanghvi & our president Dr. Sanjay Dudhat. Our backbone is CGP & for that this year we had Dr. Shobha Ahuja & Dr. Subash Gajaria. Their management skills & co-ordination was amazing. Every Tuesday, Thursday & Conferences they managed the stage, Audience & Speakers in such an efficient manner that words are not enough to thank them. Over the years the staff of IMA, MW has become really efficient & that I’ve experienced this year. Due to distance it was not possible for me to visit office on daily basis. But staff of IMA made my job easy. Infact many instances they taught me a thing or two regarding accounting, taxations etc…


Looking back at the year few things will always standout for me i.e. ICON 2016,  MMC Elections, IMACON 2016, Dandia, Diabetes Certificate Course, Doctor’s Day Celebration with Dr. Prakash Amte & Dr. Mrs. Mandakini Amte. Diabetes walkathon to name a few. I enjoyed being part of these activities & will be proud always when I think of them in future.


I can never forget ‘Jungle Walk’ in Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the occasion of                            ‘Karvi Festival’. We organised this jungle walk for members to witness blooming of karvi                  flowers which happens only once in 8 years. Inspite of heavy rains, around 70 members              participated with their family & I thoroughly enjoyed organising it with the help of Dr. Ashok Kothari & Dr. Ramnik Chauhan.


Our cultural chairperson Dr. Rohini Badwe gave blockbuster cultural programmes for family & entertained us all. The grand finale was incredible India show on 5th Feb. where she did the impossible task of managing 60 doctors & 20 kids to give a spectacular Dance show on the theme of

festivals of India.


I must thank our President Dr. Sanjay Dudhat for pumping energy in me. He is one of a kind individual I’ve come across, who never gets tired. From day one he has been in top gear &                 till date not decreased the enthusiasm & speed. His energy made me also work hard & in the process learnt a lot from him. Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala & Dr. Rashmikant Sanghvi were a great support throughout the year.


In the end I must thank my parents & my wife & kids for allowing & supporting me for IMA related work. Stay in touch.


Thank you,


Long live IMA


Dr. Mehul Bhatt

Hon. Secretary

93204 07074





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