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March 1, 2017


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The  theme of WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION 2017-2018, “DEPRESSION – LET’S TALK”,   was CELEBRATED at IMA – Mumbai West, Juhu, by organizing half day seminar on SUNDAY, 9TH APRIL 2017. The program was great success and was well Attended by more than 250  interested delegates (IMA & Eligible Non IMA members). The delegates  updated their knowledge on  various topics related to Depression –  1) Facts, Symptoms, Myths (Adults) by Dr. Rashmin, 2) Newer Techniques in Management of Depression by Dr. Avinash De Sousa,  3) Medical Management of Depression by Dr. Devendra Save, 4) Geriatric Depression by Dr. Bharat Shah, 5) Child and Adolescent Depression by Dr. Kersi Chavda, 6) Suicide in relation to depression by Dr. Anjali Chhabria, followed by 7) street play was acted & organized by the team led by Dr. Gabhrani that touched everybody’s heart . In the end 8) Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla gave us detailed knowledge on depression and 9) Metabolic Illness, that was followed by talk  by Dr. Altamash Shaikh.

Thanks to Managing Trustee, Dr. Akil Contractor for his kind gesture of organizing and getting sponsors for this seminar and for lucky draw prizes. President, Dr. Sanjay Dudhat, Hon. Secretary,  Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala along with Hon. Treasurer, Dr. Rashmikant Sanghvi, Asst. Director of Studies – IMA CGP, Dr. Shobha Ahuja & Asst. Secretary, Dr. Subash Gajria, over all participation by Delegates, Keen and skilled  management by office staff made this programme a grand success. At the end the members enjoyed sumptuous lunch and were very eager to join the various programme organized by IMA – Mumbai West.


  Dr. Sanjay Dudhat                  Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala                               Dr. Shobha Ahuja

        President                                     Hon. Secretary                       Asst. Director of Studies, IMA CGP




on SATURDAY, 22.04.2017


A very unique progrmme was conducted first time in IMA Mumbai West on SATURDAY,                        22ND  APRIL for children with special needs. The percentage of children with special needs is increasing rapidly. In India the statistics of 2016 says, there are total 27 million children with the special needs  .But the proper guidance is not easily available. They don’t have enough and well equipped schools to satisfy their needs. There is no awareness and schools about this issue in villages.  So, keeping this aim in the mind, I thought of arranging this  special programme for special children through our branch, A Seminar  for the Parents & Teachers of Differently able children. More than 300 parents of such children & teachers of special school attended the programme. The majority parents were from Brihanmumbai municipal corporation special schools.

Renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Manoj Bhatawadekar has requested all the parents to accept the reality & also to search for the special talent in your child. Dr. Anuradha Sovani, Head Dept. of Psychology SNDT, Mumbai. Explained her views with the audio-visual help. The matter was simplified with the help of simple stories. It made it very easy for the audience to understand. Dr. Sameer Dalwai, a famous developmental Pediatrician shared his cases with the parents. This definitely boosted the confidence of them. Dr. Anjali Joshi – A Senior Occupational Therapist gave a practical advice to the parents. She motivated & educated them to become the therapist for their own children.

Children with the special talent of their achievement, the dignitaries & speakers were felicitated by President, Dr. Sanjay Dudhat, Dr. Akil Contractor,  Chairperson – Public Health Community & Welfare Sub Committee and other offide bearers . I give special thanks to all the speakers, Mrs. Gargi Mhatre, education Officer from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Principles of all special schools for their good help & support. I also thank Dr  Akil Contractor and my all office bearers for helping me in this event.

The response was really overwhelming. All the parents & teachers were thankful towards IMA Mumbai West gesture.  The news of this programme came in Loksatta, Marathi news paper on  Thursday 27th  April 2017,  elaborated many important points and given  suggestions regarding this important issue.



Dr Sanjay Dudhat                                                              Dr. Akil Contractor

President &                                                                        Chairperson, Public Health &

Convenor of the programme                                            Community Welfare Sub Committee




With the season changing from winter to summer, with excessive  pollens in the air, the Respiratory Diseases will be on the rise and with world asthma day on the 2nd  May 2017, IMA Mumbai West organized a Certificate Course on Respiratory Diseases on Sunday, 23rd April 2017 at IMA Hall Juhu, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. The programme was conceptualized by Dr. Sanjay Dudhat, Dr. Akil Contractor & Dr. Salil Bendre. 263 members avail this opportunity to learn from basic Pathophysiology to covering entire respiratory system in details from 12 famous pulmonologists by paying the registration fees of Rs 500/-.                             A teaching course in true sense.

The course was inaugurated by President, Dr. Sanjay Dudhat and Hon. Secretary, Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala and Trustee, Dr. Akil Contractor with CGP team.

The opening  batsman was Dr Salil Bendre  who inspite of Fibular fracture came to teach  us with walker, subject of Pathophysiology of Respiratory Medicine in a very simplified and understanding way. “We salute you, Dr. Salil Bendre”.

Dr. Sanjeev Mehta explained Pulmonary function tests in terms of identification of graphs of PFT and its relevance to the Respiratory Diseases.

Radiology and imp of CT, HRCT and role of CT to confirm parenchymal lesions, detect its morphology, detect presence of Calcium or fat, enhancement pattern, planning biopsy and  PET CT  for tissue and diaphragm was explained.

Scope of Bronchoscopy  was explained by Dr Samir Garde. He also highlighted  the insertion of Silicon stents in airway and importance of EBUS  to stage mediastinal nodes.

Dhanvantri and Dr. B C Roy awardee, Dr Farooque Udwadia’s keynote address  on diagnosis and management of pneumonias was a masterstroke explaining diagnosis and treatment of most of the pneumonias by using guidelines and the practical approach with assistance from laboratory and radiology. Delegates offered standing ovation to the excellent teacher of 5 decades  and superb consultant.

Dr N.T Awad covered the respiratory emergencies of Asthma, COPD, pneumothorax etc. with detailed diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Sandeep Salvi’s lecture and statistics  on “Air Pollution and its effects on Lungs” shocked  all the delegates . He  explained how indoor Air Pollution is more risky than outdoor air pollution and made us aware of air pollution effects on brain causing stroke, Alzheimers, depression and on heart causing hypertension, heart attack, CCF. 

Dr Prabhudesai updated all on “Obstructive Sleep Aponea” and informed how Sleep is imp for good cognitive  function, muscles, skin. circadian rhythm of sleep  is 2-4 am and 1-3 pm, during this time maximum accidents are encountered. OSA common &1 out of 15 suffer from moderate OSA.

Mahaguru of respiratory medicine Dr Ashok  Mahashur updated us on “Interstitial Lung Diseases” explaining that recovery is possible with usual interstitial pneumonia  and not possible in idiopathic interstitial fibrosis and HRCT can help diagnose ILD and in early Fibrosis , in ILD treatment with corticosteroids is very helpful. To diagnose ILD early when cellular & treat early.

Dr Kumar Doshi explained in details the wheezy diseases including Asthma, COPD and said that in asthma to block Ig E Omaluzumab is good molecule.

Dr Girija Nair explained us about various inhaling devices. Pressurized meter, aerosol and spacer, DPI, Nebuliser, autohaler and its usage with demonstrations.

“To Diagnose TB or not TB”,  Dr Alpa Dalal emphasized on how treating physicians must resist temptation of treating empirically with T B medicine and arrive at diagnosis and in treating T B patients to strictly follow the guidelines.

Dr. Salil Bendre concluded the programme with the pleural infections in a very explicit manner.

Delegates were very happy learning the Respiratory system from a different perspective. The program finished in stipulated time that was followed by sumptuous lunch.

I take this opportunity to thank President, Dr. Sanjay Dudhat, Managing Trustee, Dr. Akil Contractor,                                     Hon. Secretary, Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala, Dr. Salil Bendre  & the Maharashtra State CGP Director,                      Dr. Rashmikant Sanghvi, IMA Mumbai West CGP Director, Dr. Shobha Ahuja & CGP Secretary, Dr. Subash Gajria & all the renowned Pulmonologists Speaker & all of you delegates for making this programme a success.

  Dr. Sanjay Dudhat                  Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala                               Dr. Shobha Ahuja

        President                                     Hon. Secretary                       Asst. Director of Studies, IMA CGP


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