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June 24, 2020

Message from Managing Trustee

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Message from the Managing Trustee
Dr Arshad G Moh’d
My co-trustees, Dr Jayesh Lele, Dr Akil Contractor, Dr Anil Suchak and Dr Suhas Pingle join me in extending heartfelt greetings to you!
We are in the midst of a global crisis. COVID 19 has turned the world upside down. None of us in our
life span has seen anything like this. Every aspect of our life, be it economic, social, cultural, religious
or political, is under severe strain. There is no member of our fraternity, as indeed any inhabitant of
the planet earth, who has remained untouched by the scourge.
For us though the challenge is doubly serious. COVID 19 is a medical infliction. And being the
healthcare warriors that we are, we have to take the lead in meeting the challenge. Since we are
sworn to providing medical relief to the suffering patients, we are doing our duty. But there is a
serious collateral threat to our family and other dear ones. The aged population of our fraternity,
particularly the ones with co-morbidities, faces severe risk to its own life.
Economically too these are challenging times. Our income has reduced considerably. Our liabilities
are unlikely to come down. In fact, our outgoings are likely to go further up. We are not sure how
this year will shape up. Though we are hoping for the best, we will have to remain prepared for the
As an organisation too we are likely to face unprecedented difficulties. We have been having some
difficult times financially for almost a year. On top of it we now have this new challenge staring in
our eyes. Our income has come to a grinding halt. We cannot conduct our group activities due to
distancing restrictions. In short, we seem to be heading for a difficult year ahead.
Fortunately we have a dedicated band of office bearers, lead by the veteran Dr Rashmikant
Sanghavi, who can be trusted for their commitment and hard work. I can see them working
relentlessly to keep the organisation going. Their zeal to put their best foot forward is reassuring to
all of us.
The human race has seen worse times. We have the resilience to bounce back from such adversities.
Take your precautions seriously. Stay safe. Take care.

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