May 01 2016

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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

Since last few weeks mercury is rising in our city. All of us are waiting for rainfall desperately as all over Maharashtra there is a draught.  Newer ideas are flowing the veins and arteries of our branch and it has been a great pleasure to present them before you during this year.

.After starting new year in March, could not realize only how one month got over so fast. We had good academic activities in April despite of examinations and vacation. We celebrated WHO day on 7th April, Thursday. Dr. Bhoraskar, Dr. Tanvi Chopda & Ms. Avani Shah contributed well in the CME. It was nicely organized by Dr. Akil Contractor.

In the month of May we are presenting World Asthma Day on Tuesday, 03rd May & World Hypertension Day on 17th May, both CME will have good input to our  members. We are also encouraging all our members           on World Hypertension Day to have  Free BP Check-up in their clinics.  IPL final will be shown Live on Sunday, 29th May at our premises. I am also  planning to have anti tobacco day in public forum at various places..  We have already taken an initiative to help people in draught areas i.e. Latur jalyukt project and NAAM Foundation.  We are also planning good and different cultural events music programs, movie                 club etc. I am sure Dr Mehul Bhatt, Dr Rohini Badwe, Dr. Bhavna Patel will do excellent job for these activities.

As I said before, we need to work on Doctor Patients Communication & good relationship. The shocking incidence which has happened in Uttarakhand, where  Doctor (Paediatrician) was murdered. I think                     apart from disciplinary action, the mentality of the people should be changed. All of us should be                      united to fight out such situations. IMA is such a good platform for doing so many activities. What we                 need to have good unity and initiative.

ICON – An International Conference for Family Physicians, from National Head Quarters will be                      hosted by us on 25th & 26th June. This conference also have international speakers with  excellent topics                  & I am sure it will be a good academic bonanza to all of you.  I  request all of you to register in large numbers & make this conference a great success. There are new guidelines from MMC regarding accreditation has come. Accreditation will not be required for the  doctors those who are above  65 years, but renewal of registration is mandatory. The details are given in image.

I wish all of you safe and happy vacation in coming month.

Long Live IMA !

Dr Sanjay Dudhat



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