Feb 01 2016

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My kite ……my mirror


There has been a lot said about the importance of Makar Sankranti of late. But little very few have realized the fact that here is a festival of importance in the Hindu calendar which comes by dates of the English calendar. To that extent, that this year being a leap year, this festival was celebrated on the 15th of January & not on the 14th of January as is the normal case.


However more than anything, a few lessons, or should I say analogies were drawn by me this year while flying kites with my children. As the wind blew on, so did my kite. From one direction to the other. There did I see my reflection. Of my life that had gone by. Of events that made me happy. The events that made me sad. And most important than not, the mistakes made by me in life. As if the wind was asking me, did I realize? .And if I did, what action was I going to take? At the same time, all the good events too, flashed one by one. But what was important was the fact that the string was still held by me. The control was still in my hands. This control is something which we should never let go off. Nor do transfer the reigns of our lives in someone else’s hands. Because that could then spell disaster.


The fact that the kite is held by the thread shows that we are still grounded. However high we may fly, but it is important that we stay put in connection with our roots. Because without these roots we would have been waylaid. Waylaid, from our path. Waylaid from our direction. Waylaid from design to doom. More important than not is to maneuver our life through storms. Nobody estimates them. Nobody knows                            from where they rise. But it is a stable mind, a patient soul, which goes on. Perseverance & faith help this kite of life to sail on.


But it was not so simple for me. I was not the only one flying kites that day. There were many more in the sky. Each was waiting with baited breath for me. To entangle my kite & cut it away. This was the time of competition. As you grow up, the protected shell is slowly withdrawn. There are several factors responsible for it. But more than anything, it is our own fight for liberation which wants us to be independent. Now we are in an open arena. Some play by the rules, some don’t. But more often than not, whatever one might say, it is survival of the fittest. And believe me, all is fair in love & war.


In spite of our best efforts, we do not succeed in all our endeavors. This is the time when someone races ahead of us. It is not because we are not good or we did not try hard. It is simply because someone was better than us. This is when our kite gets cut away. But friends, think of this too, positively. As our kids grow old, they too get cut off from us. Fly away to greener pastures. Get severed in all respects from us.         But do not get dismayed. Everyone has a right to choose. Choose life & live life on their own terms. So, what next? New kite, new beginning.


After a long time, we are having a Qawwali program at our premise. Do attend it in large numbers.                         World Kidney Day is going to celebrated on 28th February. Do be a part of it.


See you soon……


Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi

President, IMA- Mumbai West



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