Apr 01 2016

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Dear Friends,


It is indeed an honour, privilege and pleasure for me to lead such a prestigious branch of IMA Mumbai West.                I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you, for showing your faith by electing me unopposed, as your President.  I also thank  all  those members  for helping us to elect our panel uncontested. This is our largest branch of 4200 members, doing excellent work on all fronts. It will be my endeavour to live upto your expectations by performing best during this year. I will assure you that we will do our best to keep IMA flag high during this year and future. I would request your  valuable co-operation, encouragement  and help during my tenure.


I would like to congratulate the team lead by Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi, a dynamic president, for doing really  excellent performance. Under his able leadership, lot many activities were done with great success.   It was the most busy year for IMA. Apart from CGP Activities, many Good Cultural Programmes, platinum Jubilee of IMA, Directory for the members were done with grand success. Mastacon last year  was a really a herculean task and was very well organized and hosted by our branch under the able guidance of Dr. Jayesh Lele, president of IMA – Maharashtra State. I must congratulate, Dr. Akil Contractor, the convenor, Dr. Ketan Mehta, Rashmikant Sanghvi, Dr. Shobha Ahuja,  Dr. Rohini Badwe & Dr. Bhavna Patel for their sincere efforts and hard work. I sincerely thanks to                 Dr. Jayesh Lele for guiding us all the time. I also thank all the trust board members Dr. Arshad Gulam Mohd., Dr, Akil Contractor Dr. R. G. Jimulia, Dr. Suhas Pingle, Dr. Anil Suchak and  Dr. B. S. Mehta for  their guidance & excellent support.


I would like to thank Dr. Bal Inamdar who opened the doors of IMA for me as a managing Committee member in 2010. He supported and encouraged me very well during his tenure and since then my journey of  IMA started . Later on Dr. Jayesh Lele helped and guided me further. All the people in IMA encouraged me for my work. Medical Scholarship project was first initiated by Dr. Bal Inamdar and Text Book Donation Project was suggested by Dr Jimulia. I am executing this project  since last 6 years and it has become the dream project of IMA. All the presidents, office bearers, trust board members and Dr. Rashmikant Sanghvi helped & encouraged me for the same. Now this year, this project will be conducted all over Maharashtra in connection with 19 Govt. Medical Colleges. Special thanks to Dr. Jayesh Lele who made me Chairman of Medical Scholarship & Text Book Donation Committee in IMA  Maharashtra State.


Apart from medical scholarship, projects like Public Health & Aao Gaon Chalen under guidance of   Dr. Akil Contractor are  doing very well. This is how IMA should reach to the roots of  the society. We should do more such projects in future. I am interested to address & emphasize more on doctor patient relationship communication, which is the requirement in era of litigation.  If we improve on this, can reduce the incidences  of medico-legal problems and physical harassment of the doctors. Also need to work of deaths  occurring due to dengue, malaria, which really requires good public awareness. I would like to do still more in cancer awareness in the society, as  we know that the cancer incidence & mortality  is increasing day by day.  This year WHO day theme is beat the diabetes. We should create  good awareness in the  public, for the prevention wherever possible and we should also see that how the treatment will reach to all  the levels of society. We are also focusing on increasing the memberships to strengthen our branch. I also appeal to all of you for the same.


ICON – An International Conference from National Headquarters, will be hosted by our branch on                    25th  &  26th June. All details will be printed in image soon. I request all of you  to register in large numbers  &  make this  conference a great success.


I am confident that my team, Dr. Mehul Bhatt as Hon. Secretary, Dr. Ajay Hariani as Vice President,                            Dr. Rashmikant Sanghavi as Hon. Treasurer, Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala in his  new role  as Hon. Joint Secretary , IPP Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi and all managing committee members  will do the best for our branch. We are also planning to make coming year more interactive for all of you. We are open for all good suggestions, involving you in many activities and assist you in your times of need. Your love and   affection is my source for inspiration. I am sure, all of us together will enjoy coming year and keep our flag of IMA high.


Dear all friends,  welcome to the year 2016 – 2017.


With warm regards,


Dr. Sanjay Dudhat



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