Sep 01 2015

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DR PARTHIV SANGHAVI takes over IMA MW Presidentship from DR MANOJ PATEL

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My heart bleeds….


The occasion was great. All friends were meeting after a period of 20 years. People were coming from all corners of the country. The first true reunion of our MBBS batch. All were wondering how the other would appear. The boys had lost most of their hair. The ones, who still had them like me, had turned grey. But a strict warning was called from the organizers, that no one should get their spouse or kids. An official introductory session followed in the form of a power point presentation where we got to know who is doing what & where.


But amongst the flurry of slides was a deafening silence when slides did not contain the spouse. In the early evening before the presentation, some of the beans had been spilled over, that following boys & girls are divorced. Worst, now they are single parents. Obviously, in a class of a hundred such things are bound to happen. But that did not worry me, though it definitely pained me. The worst was yet to come.


Some of the girls had been subject to Domestic Violence in their marriage. That was not all. They had been a subject to this heinous crime by their husbands, some of them being doctors. A close friend of mine had been subjected to violence for the sake of Dowry, & that too by a post-graduate medical spouse. My head bowed down in shame. My heart bled. It was something which one could not comprehend, forget imagining. I remember that we used to deal with such cases during our residency especially with burns & suicidal poisoning. But when such a thing happens to a close one, someone you know, shakes your foundation. It shakes the ethos, which you stand for. We all live in an imaginative world, where we feel that nothing is going to happen to me or my family. Whatever bad happens will take place to the outsider. Friends, we consider ourselves as the cream layer of society. The distinguished lot, who is way above all in terms of caliber, compassion & ethics. But here we are who do not deter to beat our spouse for criminal matters like dowry. Do we forget so easily that we too have sisters in our house; we too are fathers of daughters? The treatment what is meted to our spouse today can also be repeated with our daughter. Why do we forget these things? Is there no difference between us & the illiterate? Imagine if this is happening to doctors what would be the state of affairs outside with the common man.


Friends the need of the hour is an attitudinal change. If I ill treat my spouse, tomorrow the same will come to my daughter. Create awareness about the hazards of asking dowry to your patients. And god forbid if you are called to handle a case where there is a smallest cause of suspicion, go out of your way to help those who have been wronged. You never know that tomorrow, someone might come to the rescue of your loved one when they need it. Life comes a full circle.


We have a very interesting Teachers Day Program on the 13th of September. Do come in large numbers to make it a grand success.


Till then think & introspect…..


Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi

President, IMA Mumbai West.



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