Oct 07 2014

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A happy and Healthy Diwali


 A Prosperous New Year

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 Indian Medical Association – Mumbai West


President’s desk………….

 Dear Friends,

As 2014 Lok Sabha polls picked the steam, the intensity of verbal diarrhea – something most of our politicos are susceptible to, was nothing but the occupational Hazard as the polling moved into high gear. In the hurly-burly of election, hope that the rallies light up our country in selecting the right party and right person. Hope everybody must have voted and exercised their fundamental right.

Dear committee members, now the warm up period is over. Start sprinting for the Marathon of this year at IMA. I request you all to form your sub-committee members to gear up for the work. We had a very good beginning, when we celebrated ‘WHO Day’ on 6th April 2014, with very good CMEs on vector-Borne Diseases, following the theme “Protect Yourself from Vector-Borne Diseases” and a “Symposium on Liver transplantation” on 27th April 2014 with very good speakers. Our weekly scientific programmes are going on with full swing with our organizer Asst. Director of Studies – Dr. Jayesh Lele under whose guidance the work carried out by Asst. secretary, Dr. Shobha Ahuja.

I am also very delighted about the two IMA Tours – National & International, Srinagar – Leh Ladhak and Alaska  – Canadian Rockies organized by last year’s, Member’s Welfare Sub Committee – Dr. Mehul Bhatt and Women’s Wing Sub Committee – Dr. Bhavna Patel respectively are all full and ready to depart in the month of May  2014. Wising them all a very very Happy & Safe Journey.

After the medicine of “Humour” let us introduce “10 spiritual Tonics”!!!

  1. Stop worrying, worry kills life.
  2. Begin each day with a prayer, it will calm your soul.
  3. Control appetite, over indulgence clogs body and mind.
  4. Accept your limitations, give chance to others.
  5. Don’t envy, it wastes time and energy.
  6. Have faith in people, criticism sours the relation.
  7. Find a hobby, it will relax your nerves.
  8. Read a book, it will stimulate your knowledge.
  9. Be happy with what you have, instead you will only invite  worries.
  10. Spend some time for yourself and your family, or else the time will never come back.

Long Live IMA …….

With best regards,

Dr. Manoj Patel


98210 27131


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